Armored spiral PVC hose, frost-resistant, for liquid wastes and suspensions

Product Description

Usage: Heavy duty frost-resistant hose for pumping water, fertilizers, thick household and agricultural waste. In irrigation systems, cleaning of sewer and sewage pits. For draining and pumping waste water

Properties: A hose made of highly flexible, two-component PVC with the addition of an elastomer, resistant to impact and pressure due to the reinforcement of a strong and rigid PVC spiral. Superelastic and easy to manipulate, resistant to UV radiation, various atmospheric influences and most aggressive substances, including organic. Operating pressure for hoses with diameter of up to 32 mm is 7 bar. Operating vacuum is 10 units for hoses with a diameter up to 45 mm.

Structure and color: opaque plastic PVC wall, white solid PVC spiral, the inner surface is smooth, the outer one is almost not ribbed - the spiral is actually recessed into the body of the hose. The color is gray, closer to dark silver.

Operating temperature: - 35 ° C ... + 60 ° C.

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