Armored spiral PVC hose, lightweight vacuum duct

Product Description

Usage: Lightweight vacuum hose for suctioning air, smoke, gases, sawdust, shavings in industrial and domestic conditions, in woodworking and other machines for suctioning air, smoke, gases, sawdust, wood shavings with a small content of abrasive particles. Aspiration and extraction of suspended dust indoors. Ventilation and air conditioning installations. Household and industrial hoods and vacuum cleaners.

Properties: Resistant to shock and pressure. Vacuum from 4 to 2.5 m / H2O. Resists external atmospheric factors, chemically active gases and non-hot fumes. Resistant to UV radiation and inactive thermal radiation. Flexible, lightweight and reliable duct.

Structure and color: transparent plastic PVC wall, white solid PVC spiral. The inner surface is quite smooth, the outer is ribbed, highly corrugated. Other spiral colors are available on request.

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