The El-Cheber studio/shop produces ceramic lamps, fountains, musical instruments, decorative panels, which are very popular far beyond the borders of Crimea.

The El-Cheber studio/shop produces decorative plates, dinnerware, decorative eggs, wall clock, wall panels, small souvenirs.

Rustem Skibin created his own style of polychrome painting of ceramic products, which carries the best features of the traditional culture of the Crimean Tatars.

The artist perfectly mastered the method of creating a new versions of ancient ornamental paterns.

His works carry a powerful positive energy, embedded in the main program of life - the continuation of life on earth.

Created a series of unique plates with exquisite calligraphic compositions.

The artist actively collects, analyzes, restores the technology of manufacturing various forms of traditional household pottery, studies and restores old professional methods.

The master constantly finds ways to apply his craft to expand the range of products.

In addition to the main product of ornamented dishes and plates, it produces ceramic lamps, fountains, musical instruments, decorative panels.